Melissa Lantsman

Communications Executive

Melissa Lantsman is a communications executive who lives, works and casually observes politics from Toronto,

Here is a laundry list of positions she has held in politics: Melissa began her political ‘staffer’ career on Parliament
Hill in 2006 - ish. She has served as Director of Communications, Director of Parliamentary Affairs and policy
advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Lawrence Cannon P.C. M.P. She was his trusted
communications advisor, traveling to international summits like the G7, G20, APEC and NATO and helping
communicate Canada’s principled policy positions shunning the world’s despots and dictators. Most she recently
served as Director of Communications to Canada’s Minister of Finance, the Hon. Joe Oliver, P.C. M.P. leading
communications efforts for the 2015 budget. Throughout her career in Ottawa Melissa was fortunate to spend
time working with a number of Federal Cabinet Ministers and their teams on tough files in the early days of Prime
Minister Stephen Harper’s majority Conservative government. She worked with both, Environment and Trade
Ministers as well as parliamentary committees making sure that tax payers who elected a conservative
government could be sure that their values were reflected in the government’s policy decisions - and if they
weren’t, that there was a good reason why.

Melissa is at her best in crisis management – or in politics - what is often referred to as “issues management”. She
has worked with a number of the world’s biggest brands and Canada’s largest companies. She is calm and
meticulous in articulating a well thought-out positions – admittedly sometimes radically progressive amongst her
colleagues. She relies on storytelling as a medium with a unique ability to distill really complicated material into
something that most people can understand. She is content contributor to various media outlets and campaigns
across the country.

Melissa completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto and went on to graduate studies at
Ottawa University. She is fluent in English, French and Russian. Melissa is involved in a number of charities and
Zionist organizations in North America.
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