Caylan Ford

International Affairs Specialist

Caylan Ford is an international affairs specialist with a background in China and
human rights. She has worked as a senior policy advisor with Global Affairs
Canada, having been selected through the federal government’s Recruitment of
Policy Leaders Program. At the foreign ministry, Caylan was responsible for
diverse files including innovation, Internet governance and public policy, the G7,
and international security issues. She gained experience in both the private and
non-profit sectors in Washington DC as a business development consultant and
research fellow. More recently, she transitioned to working in the media industry
as a documentary filmmaker, writing and directing projects that shed light on
issues of forced labour, extrajudicial detention, and religious freedom in China.
Caylan holds a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Calgary, as
well as a Master’s in International Affairs from the George Washington University,
and a Master’s degree in International Human Rights Law from Oxford
University. She has spent over a decade working and volunteering in the human
rights field as a researcher, advocate and consultant, and her writings have been
published in the Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, and the China
Quarterly, among others. She speaks conversational French and Mandarin
Chinese, and enjoys hiking, classical philosophy, and playing cello poorly.